Secure login for everyone

Fortified ID helps municipalities, authorities, regions and private companies to centralize all their logins. Protect your organization's applications, regardless of whether they are employees, citizens, educational activities, e-services, healthcare personnel, etc. Choose from a variety of secure login methods to protect your applications.

What we do

Fortified ID develops modern products for secure login and identity management for organizations.

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Our mission is to deliver software that strengthens trust in the digital identity through customer-oriented collaboration. With the help of our products, our customers can gain control over the entire identity life cycle and thus be able to embrace all the benefits of digitization without compromising integrity.

Modern Secure Authentication

Integrity from Fortified ID combines broad functionality with modern ways of operation, monitoring and maintenance.

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The history of Fortified ID

As a team, we have created software that has helped large government authorities, regions, municipalities and private actors with digital trust.

Centralized authentication for all

Authorities, Regions, Municipalities and private organizations can all use Integrity to protect logins for internal and external users.

Our philosophy

For 20 years, we have worked to ensure that IT functionality does not control how you organize your business. The product must be able to be adapted to the needs of the business, and we are best in class there.

About us

Next Generation

Our development team has worked together for the past 20 years and has built the largest solutions on the market. To continue to be innovative, the Fortified ID team is building a completely new platform that enables today's and tomorrow's ways to secure digital identities. Book a meeting with us and we will tell you more.

IAM specialists

Fortified ID has long experience in getting its customers to take control of their digital identities. Our team has unique knowledge of how authorities, regions, municipalities and private companies should integrate all their services and applications.

The future has finally arrived at IAM

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We like dialog and discussion around the best ways to solve IAM-related challenges. Contact us and we will listen to your problems and share our thoughts on digital identities.

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