What choices and best practices are there when an organization is to connect new users and assign permissions? Fortified ID offers web-based onboarding via self-service or delegated administrators. The solution includes one or more target groups depending on needs, employees or external persons such as consultants, suppliers, customers, citizens and partners.


The solution has a high degree of self-service to offer smooth, simple and cost-effective onboarding. It should be easy for both the user and the receiving organization. Self-registration can be used in several different types of scenarios:
  • The user starts self-registration via identification with e-ID, and thereby gets a shorter registration process as many details about the user are automatically retrieved from the e-ID
  • Registration of unknown users who must verify email and phone before the application is sent to the responsible role for approval.
  • Federative self-registration where the user chooses which organization they should authenticate to and then start a form for self-registration.

Delegated onboarding

From a security perspective, organizations want to minimize the number of super administrators who have all or many permissions. At the same time, the need for management of digital identities is greater than ever today. With Onboarding from Fortified ID, selected individuals can administer identities and permissions that they are responsible for via a web interface. It can be department managers, application owners, educational staff, etc. This delegated setup provides efficient administration where IT staff have time for more productive tasks.

Technical specification

Onboarding from Fortified ID is designed with architecture that uses modern ways to install. This also creates new conditions for monitoring and analysis of how the system is doing and how it performs.

Authentication methods (Integrity)

  • BankID
  • Freja eID Plus
  • Freja OrgID
  • eIDAS
  • EFOS
  • X.509 Certifikat
  • SAML Broker
  • Swedish passports
  • NetID
  • Sambi
  • Skolfederation
  • OTP
  • Telia eID
  • Passkey
  • Google
  • Azure
  • ADFS
  • Suomi.fi
  • FIN eID smart card
  • ID-porten
  • Common smart card


  • Self service
  • Monitoring
  • Own branding
  • Delegated reset
  • Complexity control
  • Multiple data sources
  • Automation
  • SIEM ready


  • Docker
  • Windows
  • GCP
  • AWS
  • Linux
  • Azure


  • LDAP directory
  • ODBC or JDBC
  • Web/REST
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • Google Workspace

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