Password Reset

Password Reset from Fortified ID simplifies the handling of secure password reset for all organizations. Users can easily and securely create a new password through self-service without having to contact their employer's IT support. Your organization becomes more efficient as the time that the end user does not have access can be significantly shortened. In addition, IT personnel can also devote themselves to more constructive and proactive work.

Popular Secure MFA Methods

With Password Reset from Fortified ID, users can use a plethora of methods to prove that they are the person they claim to be. Fortified ID offers among other things BankID*, Freja eID*, Siths eID. It is also possible to use your existing Identity provider if desired. * Requires approval of use case

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On behalf of

Password Reset from Fortified ID has a function to delegate password reset to another user, we call it password reset "on behalf of". It can be a manager, service desk, teacher or other selected function. E.g. if the user Bobby Clarke authenticates, he can reset his own password or, "on behalf of" someone else's password. Bobby Clarke will be presented with a list of users after a successful authentication that he is entitled to reset the password for.

Complex Password policy

It should be easy for the user when changing password to see that it fulfills the password policy that the organization has, at the same time it should be easy to configure for an administrator the password policy that must be fulfilled. Users can easily see in the interface when it creates their password that the requirements are met. Contact us for a demo.

Technical specification

Password Reset from Fortified ID is designed with architecture that uses modern ways to install. This also creates new conditions for monitoring and analysis of how the system is doing and how it performs.

Reset methods

  • BankID
  • Freja eID Plus
  • Freja OrgID
  • eIDAS
  • EFOS
  • X.509 Certifikat
  • SAML Broker
  • Swedish passports
  • NetID
  • Sambi
  • Skolfederation
  • OTP
  • Telia eID
  • Passkey
  • Google
  • Azure
  • ADFS
  • FIN eID smart card
  • ID-porten
  • Common smart card


  • Self service
  • Monitoring
  • Own branding
  • Delegated reset
  • Complexity control
  • Multiple data sources
  • Automation
  • SIEM ready


  • Docker
  • Windows
  • GCP
  • AWS
  • Linux
  • Azure


  • LDAP directory (including password policy specific for Active Directory) Note: If you are using Active Directory you can also unlock locked accounts and set that a new password should be changed at next login.
  • ODBC or JDBC
  • Web/REST
  • Many cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Google Workspace
  • Password Reset enables you to update passwords at multiple places for the same user.

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